The rewarding way to recycle computer equipment...

It's important to offload your company's old IT equipment in a secure, sustainable way, so why not earn some cash as part of the bargain whilst helping others at the same time? At Ethical IT Recycling, we offer a neat solution to your problems with one tip-top service. We are a leading IT recycling company in UK offering in-depth computer equipments recycling services to our clients.

Getting the best for your business

With computers and other IT products developing at such rapid rates, never before has equipment become outdated so quickly, leaving many businesses with a surplus of computers, monitors and other items that only serve to take up space in the workplace.

You might be tempted to take these items to a landfill, but this is an irresponsible practice, and one that can even land you in trouble with the law for breach of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive and other environmental legislation.

Helping the wider environment

Tonnes of electronic waste is thrown away every year, and this irresponsible disposal of such items is creating a growing problem. After all, electronic items can take centuries to decompose, as can the plastic heavily used in their manufacture.

A solution to both problems

Wherever you are in mainland UK, Ethical IT Recycling will buy those IT appliances you no longer need, clear them thoroughly and permanently of any data, renew them and return them to the market at an affordable price. This allows others to benefit from your old equipment, and earns you some cash at the same time.

So if you are thinking of recycling your computers and IT equipments, you should get in touch with us for the best support in this regard. As a premium Computer Recycling UK company, we can help you to recycle all your IT appliances in a safe and responsible manner.

We're happy to help schools looking to recycle their IT equipment too, but we appreciate that many are on a tight budget. That's why we will recycle their computer hardware completely free of charge.

Whether you are looking for IT recycling services in Manchester or thinking of recycling your IT equipment’s at any other parts of UK, you can count on us for offering you the best options.

To find out more about these services, why not call us today? 0844 808 2124.

Do the right thing – ethically recycle your old computer equipment today!!

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"The service from Ethical IT Recycling is fantastic, it is quick simple and efficient. Without Ethical IT Recycling, we would be struggling to recycle our old equipment. We have peace of mind that our equipment could be reused in an ethical way.

Because Ethical IT Recycling, recycles computer equipment we have been able to purchase printers of excellent quality, these have been recycled by private sector organisations but are perfect and affordable for a school environment. Ethical IT Recycling offers printer servicing, this again has saved our school thousands of pounds by prolonging the life of our printers.

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