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Data protection – a security issue

Fear of sensitive or personal data being retrieved from retired business IT equipment is the number one reason why many companies leave hardware languishing in the darkest recesses of their storage facilities. 

UK companies whatever their size, face severe financial and reputational penalties if they are found to be breaking the law under the Data Protection Act 1998. Those prosecuted may have to pay unlimited fines and personal claims. Under this law companies are legally obligated to ‘prevent unauthorised access, alteration or accidental loss or destruction of personal data.’ That’s why Ethical IT Recycling’s secure and thorough disposal process could save you time and money and remove the risk it poses to your business.  

Permanent removal of data for complete peace of mind

There are only two ways to permanently destroy data, physical destruction of the hard disk or by writing over the hard drive’s data with randomly generated characters and resetting the file sizes to zero. At Ethical IT Recycling we employ both methods in appropriate circumstances. 

Most widely accepted security standards for permanent data removal, including those used by the US Military, state that discs should be overwritten at least three times. 

Ethical IT Recycling uses the latest overwriting software, giving us the ability to overwrite your hard drives up to ninety-nine times if needed. If your hard drive is below 3.0GB or cannot, for some other reason, be securely erased, then the drive will be physically destroyed.

Prior to resale, any reference to your company, including indelible security marks will be removed from equipment. If security markings cannot be permanently removed then the equipment will be disposed of ethically and securely.

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