Facebook's Trump ban upheld by Oversight Board for now
Facebook's top "court" says the company has six months to justify its permanent ban of Mr Trump.
Google boss emails staff detailing return to office
In an email, chief executive Sundar Pichai suggests working three days in the office is the way forward.
Apple puts more adverts in App Store after ad-tracking ban
After a move to limit ad tracking by other companies, Apple expands its own advertising business.
Peloton recalls treadmills after child's death
Home fitness equipment firm recalls Tread and Tread+ machines after six-year-old child pulled under treadmill.
Woman loses nearly £113k in dating site romance fraud
Rachel Elwell says she is facing bankruptcy after losing money to a scammer.
Trump launches new 'communications' platform
The former president releases a new website after his social media ban earlier this year.
Teens, tech and mental health: Oxford study finds no link
The Oxford study used data from more than 430,000 young people, gathered over 28 years.
Sony’s PlayStation to integrate Discord chat for gamers
As part of the deal, Sony will hold a minority stake in the popular gaming chat platform.
Royal Marines test out jet suit
The Royal Marines are testing out a jet suit to assist in Maritime Boarding Operations.
How can we avoid coded bias in facial recognition tech?
Artificial intelligence researcher Joy Buolamwini explains why we should question the technology.
Bill and Melinda Gates: A life in pictures
Images of the couple, who set up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, after they announce their divorce.
Why can't Google get a grip on rip-off ads?
Shyster websites topped the search results every time during a 12-month BBC investigation.
Gates divorce: Business 'as usual' for foundation
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is likely to continue as now, Dr Beth Breeze says.
Microchip shortage: Inside a factory racing to meet demand
Katie Silver tours a microchip factory in Singapore racing to meet demand amid a global shortage.
Huawei Mate X2: Mastering the folding phone formula
Huawei has revealed the third iteration of its folding phone, taking inspiration from Samsung.
Ransomware victims urged to go to police
Using malicious software gangs encrypt an organisation's data and then demand money to restore it.
Robotic arm harvests apples and other technology news
LJ Rich looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
'I was terrible at crosswords so I built an AI to do them'
Dr Fill , a computer program, has just won one of the most prestigious crossword competitions in the US.
Food giants respond to worries over packaging
The phasing out of single-use plastics gathers pace with big companies adopting alternatives.
Grab: How an Uber killer became a powerful Asian super-app
South East Asian taxi firm Grab is becoming one of Asia's most powerful financial super-apps
The ransomware surge ruining lives
A coalition is calling for action from governments as victims describe crippling cyber-attacks.
'More and more people don't want a traditional burial'
With cremations on the rise, firms now offer such things as turning your ashes into artificial reef formations or human compost.
'It's your device, you should be able to repair it'
The BBC talks to the volunteers running free workshops to help consumers fix broken gadgets.
CC Clarke: The mum-shaming on social media is mind-blowing
Beauty influencer CC Clarke on dealing with "mum-shaming" from trolls on her social media accounts.
Five things to know about Apple's iOS update
New update includes new privacy features, emojis and a way of turning on an iPhone with a mask on.
Electric cars: What will happen to all the dead batteries?
In the next 10 years millions of old electric car batteries will need to be recycled or discarded.
The salmon you buy in the future may be farmed on land
A giant fish farm in Florida is rearing salmon for the US market in a huge indoor facility.

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