Cerebras reveals world's 'largest computer chip' for AI tasks
The chip, which is larger than an iPad, is designed for complex artificial intelligence systems.
BBC News tries out Three's 5G for the home
The service has launched today in London, but BBC reporter Chris Fox had problems with the signal.
King's Cross investor seeks facial recognition answers
The BT Pension Scheme, which funded the area's redevelopment, asks about use of facial recognition.
Minecraft graphics to be more 'realistic'
However, the update will only be available to those with expensive Nvidia RTX graphics cards
US delays Huawei trade ban for another 90 days
The reprieve allows US companies to do business with Huawei for a further 90 days
Texas government organisations hit by ransomware attack
Hackers target 23 organisations in what local officials say was a co-ordinated attack.
E-Scooters: Should they be legal on public roads?
Some riders are calling for regulation rather than an outright ban.
How I stopped my teenager being recruited online
How can parents intervene when boys seem drawn into extremist internet culture - and should they?
Call Of Duty World League Championship: eUnited crowned winners
The finals of the e-sports championship took place in Los Angeles this weekend.
The Fortnite coach who helped create teenage millionaires
Hugh Gilmour failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup, so has turned to coaching instead.
'Fake' Amazon ambassadors baited on Twitter
Amazon says its warehouse ambassadors are authentic, but critics accuse them of being "paid to lie".
Robotic Buddhist priest joins temple and other news
BBC Click’s LJ Rich looks at some of the week’s best technology stories.
How reliable is AI at telling us about ourselves?
An art project is looking at how machines might perceive the world compared to humans.
Electronic tongue puts fiery foods to the test
Human taste buds tire very quickly, but the machine can maintain accuracy regardless of the heat.
Japan's newest flying car takes to the air and other news
BBC Click's Dan Simmons looks at some of the week's best technology stories.
Why gaming is coming to this school's curriculum
Newsbeat has been to visit the first school in the UK to introduce gaming into its curriculum.
Locals ‘kicked out of their homes for holiday lets'
Valencia is one of the cities in Europe fighting back against holiday rental websites.
'How I lost £25,000 when my cryptocurrency was stolen'
Investing in digital currencies is fraught with danger, not just because the prices are so volatile.
Hong Kong protesters turn to Uber and Pokemon
Demonstrators make use of high-tech services to keep their struggle alive and evade being tracked.
Libra: Could Facebook’s new currency be stopped in its tracks?
How Facebook’s Libra could be stopped in its tracks
Women in labour given virtual reality to ease pain of childbirth
Virtual reality headsets, aimed at reducing the pain of women in labour, are being trialled.
Tesla motors make classic Ferraris go faster
Electric cars have to be as cool as petrol ones to really take off, and these engineers think they can be
8chan: Where are users going now?
The site's owner says a million people are now "looking for a home" after 8chan was driven offline.

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