5G: Rural areas to be allowed taller and wider masts
The masts will improve coverage and internet speeds in the English countryside, the government says.
Are Apple and others' tech launches a better watch because of Covid?
The pandemic has forced firms to unveil new products via virtual events, rather than live on stage.
Tesla: Elon Musk suggests Autopilot not to blame for fatal crash
One victim was found in the front passenger seat and the other was in the back after the accident in Texas.
James Charles: YouTube temporarily demonetises beauty influencer
The YouTuber admitted sending sexually explicit messages to 16-year-old boys earlier this month.
Facebook creates Clubhouse clone Live Audio Rooms
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg says the social media platform will introduce audio elements.
Nasa successfully flies small helicopter on Mars
The Ingenuity drone completes the first powered, controlled flight by an aircraft on another world.
Parler set to return to Apple's App Store
The controversial social media app is returning after it was pulled following riots at the US Capitol.
UK government intervenes in Nvidia takeover of chip designer Arm
The government is to examine Nvidia's planned purchase of the UK firm on national security grounds.
Isle of Cumbrae recreated in video game Minecraft
The popular tourist destination features in a new game aimed at teaching young people about its heritage.
Priti Patel: Facebook encryption plan ‘must not hamper child protection’
The Home Secretary criticises Facebook's privacy plan for its apps in a speech on child protection.
Bank of England to consider digital money plan
The Bank and the Treasury set up a taskforce to examine how a central bank digital currency would work.
Facebook: Our staff can carry on working from home after Covid
The US technology giant tells the BBC that remote working after the pandemic is "the future".
Will NFTs change how we buy our homes?
“Tokenisation” could change how many people can own a property and speed up transactions.
A look at some of the infamous moments at tech events over the years.
Live events mean unexpected things can happen - especially when technology is thrown into the mix.
Stadia, GeForce Now, Xbox and PS Now put to the test
Google's Stadia, Nvidia's GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming and PlayStation Now are put to the test.
Teenage blacksmith Ben Perkins forges social media following
Ben Perkins built a blacksmith's forge in his back garden and taught himself the traditional craft.
Virtual musicians play interactive gig and other tech news
LJ Rich looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
Could electric tattoos be the next step in body art?
Researchers are experimenting with thin, flexible circuits that can be transferred to the skin.
Amazon: How one cancer patient's story helps explain the Alabama union vote
Carla Jonson's story helps explain how Amazon won last week's union vote in Alabama.
How product placements may soon be added to classic films
Getting consumer goods in shot is big business for movies and TV series, and items can now be added digitally.
Smaller and better smartphone cameras are on the way
Smaller and more powerful lenses promise to bring even better smartphone cameras.
Is Alibaba's fate a warning to China’s tech giants?
Alibaba’s run-in with Chinese regulators has made things tense for its other technology giants.

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