The perfect storm striking World of Warcraft
All of a sudden, WoW players are in revolt, and its competitors are having a boom.
Home car charger owners urged to install updates
Security vulnerabilities in two domestic electric car chargers were discovered by researchers.
Elon Musk: 'I don't want to be CEO of anything'
Elon Musk reiterated on Friday that he doesn't want to be Space X or Tesla boss. What's going on?
Facebook, Google expect jabs for office return
The tech companies will require vaccination for returning in-office employees as Covid-19 cases rise in US
A US company has turned a former coal plant into a gas-fired Bitcoin mine
Environmentalists have criticised the gas-fired mine but the company says it offsets its emissions.
NHS Covid-19 app pings rise by over 70,000 to new record
The number of coronavirus alerts hits a new record, with nearly 690,000 sent in England and Wales.
Amazon predicts slower sales growth as Covid boost eases
The tech giant says third quarter sales growth will be slower as customers return to physical shops.
Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over streaming of Black Widow
The star says box office takings for Black Widow were hit when it was streamed at the same time.
Google to ban sugar-daddy apps from Play Store
Apps focused on "compensated sexual relationships" will be prohibited from 1 September.
Fresh warning over rip-off locator forms on Google
'Devious' sites which charge money for a free passenger locator form top search engine results.
Older Kindles may lose internet connection, Amazon warns
Amazon tells customers older Kindles might lose their ability to connect online.
Untethered bi-pedal robot runs 5km and other tech news
Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
Team BRIT’s Aaron Morgan: How hand controls help me race
The Team BRIT driver on how adapted cars help him compete in races against non-disabled drivers.
Vineyards set to go high tech with smart systems
Changing climate conditions and water shortages see some Australian wine growers turn to technology.
Beach rover picks up cigarette butts and other tech news
Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
Cyber-flashing: 'I get explicit messages every day'
Influencer Elle Edwards lets us inside her DMs to show the extent of sexual abuse faced by women online.
The fungus and bacteria tackling plastic waste
Bacteria, fungus and enzymes can all digest plastic, but can they work at a useful commercial scale?
Can better tech make video meetings less excruciating?
Technology firms are scrambling to add new features but will video calls improve.
Why remote working leaves us vulnerable to cyber-attacks
Experts warn working from home has led to complacency over security protocols
Covid: Will lockdown change England's new tech habits?
The pandemic brought about big changes in the way people use tech - the question is will they last?
What does a future-proofed home look like?
The technology exists to make homes more resilient to extreme weather, but it can be expensive.
Zoomtown-on-Sea? The lure of a new life on the coast
Remote working meant the Lancaster family could live anywhere - they found their sea view in Scarborough.
Pegasus scandal: Are we all becoming unknowing spies?
We may be stepping into a world in which we are all spies - and at the same time are all spied on.
Finding 'Grace': Murder, DNA and ancestry
How a novel use of DNA and ancestry websites is helping police uncover clues in cold case murders.
Why was my tweet about football labelled abusive?
A BBC journalist sets out to discover how Twitter moderates posts after he was banned from the platform.

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