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We serve our clients whatever the scale of their recycling need. From the on-going management of a multi-site rolling upgrade programme to a one-off pick up of computer accessories, our service is efficient, good value and ethically responsible.

Our Services

Let’s talk

Every recycling need is different and we are flexible enough to find you and your business a bespoke solution. Simply tell us what you want to achieve and we will make it happen.

What we can offer

1. Security

  • Professional and complete on- or off-site data deletion
  • Fully documented audit trail

2. Ethical recycling or disposal

  • Fair assessment of refurbishment potential
  • Safe, secure and responsible disposal

3. Administration and implementation

  • One-off or regular collections of hardware
  • Refurbishment for redistribution within your organisation
  • Refurbishment for onward sale
  • Management of staff purchase plans

4. Second life hardware sales

  • Expertly refurbished hardware at unbeatable prices

An efficient and effective process

Working from a list of the equipment that no longer serves your purpose, we can quickly assess its potential in the second-user market. Any value will be used to reduce the overall cost of your equipment disposal through Ethical IT


If an equipment inventory does not exist in your organisation we are happy to prepare a comprehensive list from a site(s) visit. 

Using our expertise and network of brokers we will provide a precise and reasonable cost before we proceed.
If your equipment has no potential for re-sale or refurbishment, then we will simply invoice for the hardware’s secure and responsible disposal.

What happens next

As soon as the equipment arrives at Ethical IT Recycling’s centre each piece will be given a unique reference number for tracking and audit purposes. After a thorough visual inspection, the equipment is sorted for disposal, refurbishment or re-sale and an asset report is prepared and sent to you. The asset report will detail the make, model, spec and condition of every piece in the consignment and confirmation of its secure, ethical disposal or resale. 

Ethical Disposal

If the equipment has no future use or your company identification cannot be removed then it will under-go our meticulous disposal process. This involves shredding hard drives, removal and appropriate disposal of harmful substances or electronic systems and the recycling of component parts such as plastics or casings. 

Refurbishment and re-sale

Equipment that still has value in the second user market will have all data and indentifying marks removed, be fully tested for functionality and categorised on its condition. 
Prices for onward sale of the equipment will be offset against your final invoice and in many cases results in an income stream for the company involved.

Address Information

Ethical IT Recycling Unit 9 Hart Street, Blackburn BB1 1HW

0844 808 2124

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